Food Trippin’ New Jersey

All-You-Can-Eat Flaming Grill Buffet selection is a good staple. Good quality for a buffet and well, let’s say this was my 5th time, or so, going hahaha. Imagine about 250 plus dishes ranging drom Chinese classics to Sushi and Hibachi including comfort foods like pizzas and burgers. It’s definitely worth a try. Their menu includes hibachi items, sushi, seaweed salad, soybeans, baked and mashed potatoes, … Continue reading Food Trippin’ New Jersey

The Jersey City I Came to Love

So there I was on my very first day in the land of the free, just sitting by the waterfront of Jersey City, with no particular itinerary. Just chillin’ relaxin’ admirin’ the beauty that lies infront of me… Ooooohhhh.. New York City! So near, yet so far! …..Nah! we were there in a blink! Ohhh… the colors of Times Square! It’s only been a few … Continue reading The Jersey City I Came to Love