5 Kitchen Organizing Hacks Every Mommy Should Learn

I have always fantasized about a beautiful, neatly organized kitchen of my own. I have always loved to cook. And every member of my family as well as some of my closest friends love everything that has something to do with food, eating, cooking, baking and food preparations, that’s why whenever we have a gathering at home, it is the kitchen and not the living … Continue reading 5 Kitchen Organizing Hacks Every Mommy Should Learn

Mom on Heels

If it’s not yet quite obvious in most of my posts, I’ll say it anyway… I love fashionable clothes, shoes, and almost all things kikay as well as those not exactly feminine fashion trends. I feel in control when I feel put together, which doesn’t always mean an elegant dress, a brushed-up hair do and a pair of heels. For me, it could simply mean … Continue reading Mom on Heels

Baby-Proofing Your Home (for Age 0-2)

Part of the challenges of the early stages of parenthood is knowing how to make sure that your child grows up with complete sets of fingers, unburned skin, no ugly scars, or broken bones and especially no bumps, no hemorrhage. It may sound a little morbid and exaggerated but, really, if you ask me, these are my greatest fears as a parent. There are several … Continue reading Baby-Proofing Your Home (for Age 0-2)

Raising a Music Lover

At two and six months now, it really amazes me how much my daughter Hunter would show signs of love and appreciation for the music. I have consistently observed how she would really pay attention to even the classic songs that she hears from her grandparent’s stereo. She would try to mimic and sometimes surprisingly sings the lyrics of the songs despite the fact that … Continue reading Raising a Music Lover

Two Exciting Years and Counting…

   They say time really flies by so quickly when you’re enjoying yourself. Well, being a mom to my Hunter, I guess I am.          It’s been more than two years now. My Cassey Hunter is now a little lady with a personality so awesomely developed. When she looks at me now with her eyes twinkling, it feels like as if she’s always … Continue reading Two Exciting Years and Counting…

A “Mother Packer” Guide to Packing for a Winter Trip

***Mother Packer- n. a mother being considered an expert (in her own right) in packing  clothes and stuff for her family. Pun intended. Originally coined by stand-up comedian, Rex Navarette. So yes mommies, I’m just trying to be funny, no offense meant.  Nothing is more challenging than packing for your family for a cold winter trip. There is no excuse for a family vacation to … Continue reading A “Mother Packer” Guide to Packing for a Winter Trip

5 Practical Tips for Cleaning Up After the Holidays

I finally got my feet up! (APPLAUSE!)  If you are still in a holiday coma by the time you read this, time check, week 2 of the new year, it’s about time you tackle and embrace the fact that someone’s gotta grab those boxes and put away the Christmas tree and decors. Easier said than done. Hehe! Dreading the post holiday chores is just normal … Continue reading 5 Practical Tips for Cleaning Up After the Holidays

A Peek at the Oldest Zoo in Asia: Manila Zoo

I have some sentimental feeling and vivid recollection of Manila Zoo, because of the lasting memories that it imprinted in my childhood mind. Back in the early 80’s when there were no other places to go to, to actually see how those animals we see in the books and TV really look like, maybe interact with some of them, or simply enjoy co-existing with some … Continue reading A Peek at the Oldest Zoo in Asia: Manila Zoo