Off to Where the Fun Rules

Three of the country’s coolest recreational centers just opened its newest branch at San Fernando, Pampanga. And for a mom of an active toddler (like me) who comes from the Central Luzon area, this is kind of a big deal! Why? Because most of us, probinsyanos, are simply sick and tired of Manila traffic, the time we spend just driving from here to there, plus all … Continue reading Off to Where the Fun Rules

Music as Soul Food

No doubt about it.. listening to our favourite music can instantly put us in a good mood.  Scientists are now discovering that music can do more for us than just lift our spirits. Research is showing it has a variety of health benefits.  Researches has proven that listening to music can help patients with anxieties. Most of us may not be professional musicians, but listening … Continue reading Music as Soul Food

Music Schools in Metro Manila

In training your children to hon their skills in music, choose a music school based on location. Consider the background of the teachers (example if they came from a Conservatory of Music School). I made a list of music schools in Metro Manila that offer music lessons: piano, voice, violin, drums for children and adults. You can check it out and find which schools is … Continue reading Music Schools in Metro Manila

Musical Instruments for Kids

Learning to play music requires commitment and discipline. And when you invest on an instrument, you need to know beforehand if your child is willing to put time and effort into practicing their skills. Music teaches children lots of skills. They can learn rhythm, beat, pattern recognition and even how to dance with the music. Musical instruments for kids can also help to cultivate social … Continue reading Musical Instruments for Kids

Dreamplay: Upclose with Shrek, Fiona, Etc.

Our visits to Dreamplay has always been fun, entertaining and wonderful. Aside from my daughter being a die-hard fan of Shrek & Fiona, she’s started to appreciate Kungfu Panda’s Po as well. So our visits to this place are practically a dream come true for her to actually play with her favorites.      Shrek Swamp Stomp    Being at Shrek’s Swamp is truly an … Continue reading Dreamplay: Upclose with Shrek, Fiona, Etc.

Ark Avilon Zoo: A Walk Inside Noah’s Ark

Ark Avilon Zoo is an interactive Wildlife Sanctuary which resembles the biblical Noah’s Ark. Located at the heart of Pasig, Ark Avilon Zoo is home to more than a hundred specimens of exotic and some friendly animals- from species of birds, mammals fish and invertebrates, reptiles, as well as some species of native plants. To get in to Ark Avilon, you pay an entrance fee … Continue reading Ark Avilon Zoo: A Walk Inside Noah’s Ark

Music and My Mini Me

My three year old daughter Cassey is a certified music lover. She has developed the love for music from her early years, and I could tell it by the way she appreciates it whenever she hears music playing, and she reacts and dance to it however way she can. Ever since, she has sort of developed her own playlist of n songs, from “Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars” to Incy Weency Spider.” … Continue reading Music and My Mini Me

Family Bonding at Kidzoona

    Whenever we are in Malolos, Bulacan, my daughter would always ask me to go to one of her happy places. A popular  Japanese children’s indoor playhouse called Kidzoona, has opened another branch at Robinsons Place Malolos, in Malolos Bulacan.     I have learned that the name Kidzoona is combination of the words “kid” and “kizuna“, a Japanese word that means the bond between a parent and a … Continue reading Family Bonding at Kidzoona