Wanna Learn to Play the Piano? First Pick Up Your Phone

When there’s that urge inside you telling you, you can learn to play a certain musical instrument, but feels a little awkward to buy one, thinking, what if you’re just wasting your money? Haha.  And there you are, inside a musical instrument store plucking out a few bars of “Chopsticks” on a piano, or strumming a few chords on a guitar. But just can’t decide … Continue reading Wanna Learn to Play the Piano? First Pick Up Your Phone

Trombones 101

A good way to try learn to play a double-trigger-bass-trombone is to warm up or practice playing different notes by checking out information and guidelines on how to play via website http://www.wwbw.com/Double-Trigger-Bass-Trombones.wwbw Listen to professional trombonists, listening to a professional will give you an idea of what you can sound like on the trombone. Listen to CD’s, take some inspirations, listen to great musicians. Make sure … Continue reading Trombones 101

Care & Maintenance for Musical Instrument

A musical instrument is considered basic necessity like food or musicians supply, for musicians; and these supplies need consistent attention and care just as much as they value their other basic necessities, like shelter, clothes. It is a basic fact that taking care of a musical instrument is essential in a musicians life, whether he is a beginner or a professional. Proper care of musical … Continue reading Care & Maintenance for Musical Instrument

Snare Wire Trivia

I had no idea what a snare wire is until I learned about it from my musically inclined brother, Ron Villanueva. He said snare wires are does wires stretched across the bottom of a drum head that vibrates sounds when the drum is struck. My brother bought snare wires a month ago, hoping that it would improve the sound of his snare drums. He said … Continue reading Snare Wire Trivia

My Little Singing Diva

I asked my daughter what gift she wants for her birthday, she immediately quips “I want a singing microphone!” Hahaha. And I thought without a doubt, looks like we have a making of s singing diva here. At 3 yr old, my Hunter has shown deep love for singing and passion for performing arts. Unlike most toddlers who are into too much cartoons, she would … Continue reading My Little Singing Diva

The 5 Best Acoustic Guitar Brands

Guitar Lovers. I have come up with a list of the best brands of Guitar you can check out in the market. This includes, Gibson, Fender, seagull, Yamaha, Taylor (in no particular order). Gibson is the first brand I ever tried using. NO doubt it is a gem. A hallmark name in the acoustic guitar world. It has the rich warm sound and feel, incomparable … Continue reading The 5 Best Acoustic Guitar Brands

Strummin’ My Favorite Guitar 

   Most people, myself included, feel that guitar just like alhambra guitars is the easiest instrument to learn, but one of the hardest to master.  But once you get the hang of it, you can play a lot of songs, mainly because most songs aren’t actually that hard to play – you just gotta have the basic skillset first, then everything follows. It’s just normal when you … Continue reading Strummin’ My Favorite Guitar 

Pinoy Singing Through the Years

Filipinos have that interesting crazed love for singing, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s with accompaniment or just plain acapella. It’s an understatement to just say that we Pinoys are karaoke¹ lovers… coz really, we are kings and queens when it comes to singing our hearts out. For one, I think every Pinoy home has a karaoke sing-along system, a complete entertainment set or sound systems … Continue reading Pinoy Singing Through the Years