QuartzClinical: Improving the Healthcare Industry

The cloud based healthcare industry is booming nowadays since IT had a huge impact on the benefits of business intelligence and digital transformation and how patient data is managed. 

When it comes to healthcare; people still opt to get the best health management and treatment decisions, not to mention the regulation or reduction of operational costs through accessibility of significant data despite volume. These vital services can now be accessed via one platform.

QuartzClinical is a cloud-based healthcare data analytics platform that utilizes artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data to deliver meaningful results for hospitals. It aims help healthcare providers to bring better quality healthcare at a more reasonable  cost – and QuartzClinical drives healthcare storage in the cloud and it is leading a seismic shift in how hospitals operate.

The healthcare industry is now trying to figure out how these data can be stored and used to make effective decisions around the planning of care—quality healthcare that is, redesigning health management and while reducing the cost of healthcare. 

Quartz Clinical hopes to help identify opportunities for improvement through its dynamic dashboards, detailed benchmarking, highly accurate predictive analytics, and prioritising the opportunities that will lead to the greatest impact for a hospital system. 

Quartz Clinical believe that storing clinical data is the heart and soul of what physicians need, to do their jobs effectively.

Since the industry has moved toward evidence-based medicine, Quartz Clinical goal is to create a seismic transformation; and its product has achieved worldwide recognition for its highly accurate predictive analytics that leverage big data and advanced machine learning; being one of the best, most-affordable to even small hospitals since it uses a reasonable sliding scale and do not have per-user charges. 

The Cloud has also changed the face of clinical research, with enhanced support for knowledge-sharing and clinical trial management. It allowed stakeholders across the entire health IT spectrum–vendors, health providers, insurers, patients–to safely, reliably and cost-effectively leverage its benefit.


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