More than a Century of Timeless Innovation: Piaget Watches

Given the very sophisticated look of a Piaget Watches you might not guess that some of these pieces are actually hand-assembled.

The makers of this stylish watch is a Swiss luxury watchmaker and jeweller, Georges Piaget in the village of La Côte-aux-Fées. The founder devoted himself to producing high-precision timepiece. In 1874 he marked the start of an ever-growing reputation in the watch industry which eventually was officially registered in 1943 as a brand.

For some, Piaget watch is the ultimate status symbol, while for most buyers it is the effortlessly good looking watch that will improve your style and your mood. 

Piaget is also a style—a combination of gold and a showcase of colours, new shapes, precious gems, and dials made of hard stones.

After more than a 140 years of history, the ever-bold brand innovates by offering jewels in motion, extravagant high jewellery collections as well as exceptional luxury watches – making it one of the world’s most prestigious watchmaker-jewellers.


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