My Top 10 Favorite Korean Food from Gangnam Wings

Gangnam Wings
The tagline speaks for itself: Gangnam Wings is The Way Korean Fried Chicken Should Be

If you haven’t yet tried this relatively new Korean casual dining restaurant called Gangnam Wings located at SM Megamall, it’s about time you do so!

This 11-month-old Korean Fried Chicken Restaurant has been making a buzz around the Metro with its award-winning Authentic Korean Fried Chicken.

Gangnam Wings has been recently cited as the Best Authentic Korean Fried Chicken Restaurant in the country by the Golden Globes Annual Awards for Business Excellence; and has also been well-rated and reviewed by bloggers and food enthusiasts in the Metro.

In a Blind-Taste Test that was recently conducted, Gangnam Wings was compared to another brand to find out which Korean Fried Chicken is the best, and the result was 8 out of 10 in favor of Gangnam Wings.

I have personally tried all their chicken variants, and was actually surprised that indeed, their chicken flavors are far from the ordinary.  I don’t want to sell this idea hard, because I still prefer that you go and try it for yourselves. We may have different taste, so I leave it up to you to find out whether or not Gangnam Wings is indeed “The Way Korean Fried Chicken Should Be.”

There’s plenty of reasons to love Gangnam Wings dishes, for one, they make it too easy for first-timers to fall in love with their Korean food varieties: I’m talking about the food flavors–sweet, salty, sour and spicy, and their extra-ordinary fusion of ingredients.

Gangnam Wings
Gangnam Wings offer a wide variety of Korean cuisines perfect for all members of the family. They have Kiddie Meal options, they have vegetable salads for the health concious and all kinds of tropical fruity desserts and cocktails that everyone will love!

I have established some solid favorites from their menu, and it’s my sole reason for not being able to try the rest of their food offerings yet considering the number of times I’ve been in the store. I actually have more than 10 favorites, but to make things simple, let me tell you about my top 10 picks. In no particular order, here they are:

1. Yangpa Bomb (Onion Flower Bomb). This Onion Bomb is one of the best onion dish I’ve had in any restaurants here in Manila. It is presented in such a spectacular way that is so appetizing, it somehow looks like a blooming lotus flower, when you touch it you will feel the crispy crunchy skin. Wait ’til you try and dip it in on the 3 sauces that goes with it, overall, this is a real BOMB!

Onion Bomb
Yangpa Bomb (Onion Flower Bomb) P288 is an onion dish that kinda looks like a lotus flower, with uber crispy and crunchy petals that comes with 3 different sauces.

2. Beef Bulgogi Fries. This is truly a unique and healthier alternative to those instant fries that are sometimes loaded with cheese or sourcream flavors. The fries are topped with beef bulgogi, onion and chives, sesame seeds and kewpie mayonnaise.

Bulgogi Fries
with this Beef Bulgogi Fries (Php298), it’s like leveling-up your fries craving. It’s a complete meal in itself.

3. Haemul Pajeon (Seafood & Green Onion Pancake) My new found fave Korean side dish is this Seafood Pancake which is not just positively oozing with flavor, as it seems, so healthy since it’s made of squid, prawns, green onion and chives and all other herbs that vegans will truly love!

Haemul Pajeon
This Haemul Pajeon (Seafood Pancake) Php288 is a great choice for the health-concious peeps

4. Dry Spicy Noodle This hot and spicy dry noodle with cream, topped with cucumber and red chili flakes, plus popcorn chicken on the side. It maybe a bit too spicy but you can’t get enough of it once you try it.

Korean Spicy Dry Noodle (Php248) comes with popcorn chicken and some cucumber strips to balance the spicy taste.

5. Korean Fried Chicken. I can honestly say that nothing comes close to Gangnam Wings Korean Fried Chicken it is far different from most Korean Fried Chicken that I have tried in the Metro. My advise is for you to try all original variants: the Original Crispy; the Ganjang (Garlic Soya) and the Yangnyum (Sweet & Spicy). This is when you will be able to tell and appreciate the difference, and well, so you can decide which one really is your top pick. Betteryet, get the Goblin Wings, which has all 3 variants, ganjang, yangnyum and spicy yangnyum in one, make sure to order a dozen if you wish to share it, trust me you would want to finish the 6 pieces Goblin Wings yourself. You can thank me later!

My favorite chicken variants are: Ganjang Wings (Garlic Soya) and Yangnyum Wings (Sweet & Spicy) and the Goblin Wings (Php280) which is 3 Original flavors in one.

6. Seafood Jjigae Overload is an assortment seafood with ingredients arranged nicely on top of a hot pot for an eye-catching visual appearance. But wait until you take the first sip that will give you a warm comforting feel.

Seafood Jjigae Overload (Php895) is a mouthwatering stew and seafood delight in one hot pot! Definitely good for sharing!

7. Watermelon Bingsu is a traditional Korean dessert that is made of shaved ice, with sweetened condensed milk and red beans, topped with vanila ice cream. It is indeed a refreshing tropical dessert that will surely satisfy your sweet craving.

Watermelon Bingsu
Watermelon Bingsu (Php380) is the best tropical fruit dessert combination that I’ve ever tried so far.

8. Rockmelon Bingsu. This Melon Bingsu is another guilt-free tropical dessert from Gangnam Wings that is worth trying. It is made of freshly scooped Rockmelon and shaved ice, condensed milk topped with vanilla ice cream. This, just like the watermelon bingsu is a popular Korean treat, especially enjoyed during the hot and humid summer months.

Melon Bingsu
Rockmelon Bingsu (Php180) is amother guilt-free dessert., well, not a hundred percent but atleast you can say you were half-health-conscious!

9. Oreo Bingsu. My little Hunter goes ga-ga over this Oreo Bingsu, each and everytime we order it, and I can’t blame her because I do too! Haha. This is definitely a YES especially for anyone who loves Oreo.

Oreo Bingsu (Php280) is truly every kid’s favorite!

10. Korean Cocktail Drinks. The cocktail drinks are on-point, and it’s not just some liquor + mix, the combination seems very well thought of. My instant favorite is this Yakult Soju. Yes you read it right, Yakult with that lactobacilli shirota strains, combined with Korea’s favorite alcoholic beverage, the Soju. It may sound weird when I first heard about it, which obviously did not turn me off. This particular cocktail is an upturned soju + yakult margarita drink. I tried it and fell in love with it [please refer to my photo]!.

Yakult Soju
SOJURITA anyone? This Yakult Soju (Php248) is so yummy you’ll forget what your momma said about too much drinking…lol

The Watermelon Soju. When you’re dining in with your buddies, this is the perfect cocktail mix for you. They call this Watermelon Soju–a guilt-free way to get alcoholic with your drinking buddies. Depending on your alcohol tolerance, you can add more soju to balance the booze and its fruity taste. This one we had didn’t have a hint of alcohol on it but it was nevertheless superb!

Watermelon Soju
This Watermelon Soju (Php688) is definitely good for sharing; you may even opt to make drinking more exciting by requesting for the Russian Roulette Game Board from the crew.

There you go, ladies and gents, my top 10++ Gangnam Wings fave! Hoping that you’d somehow take it from me…

Watch this YOUTUBE VIDEO that we made for Gangnam Wings.

For your Authentic Korean 🍗Fried Chicken and 🇰🇷Korean Food Cravings, visit🐔Gangnam Wings at The Megastrip Unit 1-114 UG/F Bldg. A (beside Domino’s & Starbucks) SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City, Philippines.

For delivery within Ortigas Center call 📱0977 130 0034,

Or via 🐼Food Panda within Metro Manila.

👍 Facebook: @GangnamWings

🐦Twitter: @Gangnam_Wings

📷 Instagram: @GangnamWings

💻 Website:

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  1. Gusto ko po manalo kasi gusto ko makatikim ng Korean foods. Para mag-feeling ako nasa Korea!! Haha lol! Kasi sa ngayon ang dami na mahilig sa mga Korean movies or series, kasi napakaganda naman, Kaya panigurado Yung food din nila super sarap. Sana Po!

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