Beans and Blossoms Cafe: Bean there, Loved that!

It truly is such a delight to see how Malolenos are now keeping up with the trends of time. With all the food businesses sprouting here and there, can’t help but get excited each time I see one that truly pass my standards.

Nope. Not trying to sound hard-to-please… it’s just that, once your little one comes into the picture, your selection tend to become more limited…

This one here, had us at hello! Beans and Blossoms Cafe is literally a head-turner, it caught my eyes while driving on my way to Barasoain Church located in the heart of my beloved hometown, Malolos City.

At last, a coffee spot in the City of Malolos where you find it all in one stylish, independent place: Beans and Blossoms (BAB) Cafe in a glance gives you decent coffee and food (especially if you are a pasta and pizza lover); a safe hangout spot with or without kids; perfect meet-up, chill-out place with your friends; it can be your second workspace, yes you can bring your laptop and enjoy wifi access here for free (well, as long as you dine-in); it can be a meeting place with your clients or colleagues, I encourage my friends from the pharmaceutical and sales industry to try out this place; you can also bring your family over for dinner and try their best sellers!

Aside from their very calming and relaxing indoor space where you can enjoy a full coffee shop experience, they also have a spacious outdoor space, and a very spacious second floor, which is also open air. The best part of it, at least for me, is that it has a little play corner for kids. So, basically, it answers my need for a place to quietly work (aside from home) while my daughter have a little fun time too. It has a parking space but is quite limited to 3 cars, however, the owner says that there are nearby establishments in the area that allow free parking at night.

Enough of the blah- blahs. Here’s why we are all eyes, ears, nose, tongue in this newly found happy place. Allow my photos to tell you the story.

It is Child-friendly. I can simply tag along my lil bud here while I work. Take selfies or groupies on their beautifully landscaped facade. You can enjoy the soothing sound of a free flowing man-made water fall and check out and see for yourselves if those Lotus flowers are real, caution though, there are live fishies swimming in those water garden. Enjoy the spacious seats and feel the relaxing garden setting while you sip your coffee, really, what more can you ask for?
There’s WIFI which I think is a must in every coffee shop, and it’s FREE! which is a PLUS!; a private meeting place for working yuppies; a mini slide for your toddlers to enjoy; and a very spacious second floor, just incase you want to hold a party or an event.
Enjoy the night light, which gives extra warm and cozy ambience to the place, perfectly matching with the bossa nova and jazz music on their playlist.

Be ready to take photos in every spot that you see in this one-month-old cafe. It is designed to please your visual senses too.

Say cheese! The staff are very approachable and eager to help may it be giving food recommendations, or simply taking photos for you
Perfect for ladies day (or night) out, with or without chaperone.. haha!

Now, let’s go to my favorite topic… FOOD!

Owner-Chef Ralph Canta says in preparing the dishes that they serve at BAB Cafe, they make sure that every ingredient they use is of high quality, fresh, and nothing is processed. He took time to tell us the story behind their best-selling ALIGUE PASTA or what they call in their menu as Crab-a-holic Pasta. It was a long story, so to cut it short, he met this uber-hardworking supplier of good quality aligue, and he chose to support him over those commercially available supplies of crab paste. Fair enough, I’d probably do the same being an advocate as well of #supportlocal. Need I say, the aligue pasta is my TOP PICK!

Chef Ralph also told us that Carmi Chicken Sandwhich is an old classic family recipe, named after her Aunt (his business partner) who came up with it. We tried to force Chef to share us their family secret but we failed, boo-huhuhu! Carmi Chicken Sandwhich is my #2 PICK by the way!

Now, my third PICK is not yet officially on their menu, well, the name is there but technically they have not introduced it, so, we, the Bulacan Bloggers, actually, were among the lucky few who were able to personally try it first. Talking about the Luscious Cheesecake! We couldn’t believe that chef Ralph still says he wasn’t so happy about it yet, because, dang! it was sooo good, or something might be wrong with our tastebuds?

To make you drool some more, here’s the rest of what I have tried with my little Hunter so far…

Need I say, we found a truly INSTAGRAMMABLE place this side of town?
I’ll say it again… it is INSTAGRAM WORTHY! Polaroids welcome too.. haha!
Do you see anything in this photo that doesn not spell HAPPY?
S’mores Galore (P145) is a must have dessert for kids and a must try for ‘kids at heart’
Chocolaty Mallows Pizza (P245) is one playfully weird but yummy fusion snack that kids and sweetlovers will enjoy
T.B.C. (Tomato-Basil-Cheese) Panini (P145) which goes with fries is one of my top picks, my kid loved it too!
Tuna Panini (P165) is a delicious snack for the health concious, it’s a complete meal that comes with lettuce and some fries too.
Carmi’s Chicken Sandwhich (P155) is not only a best-seller, but also a highly recommended sandwhich dish, it is actually named after Chef’s Ralph’s Aunt and business partner- Carmi who actually owns this MUST-TRY sandwhich recipe.
Mac-Queso (P155) is their version of the all-time-kids-favorite mac and cheese, the only difference is it is loaded with mozzarella cheese and basil that makes it extra special.
Pica Pica Fries (P85) comes in cheese, sourcream, BBQ or white cheddar flavors. One order is good for sharing… or NOT!
Mac & Cheese Pizza (P215) is for those who can’t decide between pizza or pasta… believe it or not they make all things possible here! Are you a carb loader? Be my guest…
Crab-a-holic Pasta (P135) A MUST TRY! I must warn you though, you have to be clear from hypertension because this one is truly addictive… it is made of pure aligue! Well, I am hypertensive, but I don’t mind at all. Superb!
Luscious Cheesecake (P135) is one of the best cheesecakes I’ve tried so far… but Chef Ralph was quite hard-to-please he isn’t so happy yet with it..
Coffee Crumble Cheesecake Frappe (P135) is one of their best seller Frappuccino or iced blended coffee drink.
Choco Milky (P125) is a drink choice for kids, it is non-coffee-based and actually taste like Magnolia Chocolait. My lil girl loved it!
Iced Cafe Latte (P125) is your regular coffee with a slight twist. It comes in 2 cute bottle containers wherein the milk is iced while the coffee concentrate is hot, pour and blend it accordingly and it’s a treat!
This is how it’s done. Check out my instagram page @jenniefromduhblock for a short clip
Green Matcha Latte (P85) for Matcha lovers, this is a must try period.
Chocolate Strawberry Awesome (P145) is awesome in every respect!!! What you see is what you get, it is beans and blossoms in one cup!
There’s a lot more to try, and I guess it would take us months or even years to get to try ’em all, because I am beginning to develop favoritisms already which means I cannot move on from my fave dishes, haha!
The brains behind Beans and Bossoms Cafe, Owner-Chef Ralph Well Canta with his lovely wife and the BAB crew.

Located at: Jose Lites Building Paseo Del Congreso, San Gabriel City of Malolos, Bulacan

Operating Hours: Hours 12:00PM – 10:00PM

Contact Number: 0936 304 8566

IG: @beansandblossoms2017

FB: @beansandblossomscafe

Check out our YOUTUBE video to appreciate it more! Please hit LIKE if you do, or if we’re true friends 😘


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