Looking for a Customizable Trophy Supplier

Gangnam Wings, your favorite Authentic Korean Fried Chicken restaurant is currently planning for its anniversary event; and we are looking at hosting some very interesting and fun games for food lovers.

There will be 3 major events: a fried chicken wings eating contest; a spicy noodle eating contest; and a beer pong challenge.

Right now we are looking for some reliable partners, sponsors and suppliers to help us pull the event successfully.

We have planned what to give the winners aside from some gift prizes; a trophy that would be handed personally to them as they receive their awards.

These are the designs that we have in mind for the 3 major events:

In looking for a reputable supplier for customizable trophies one should make sure to choose the right supplier. Always pick the one with a legit and secure website. And if you are planning to buy online, make sure to pick one wherein you can ensure your personal and financial details will be secured.

Ensure that all info you need as a customer are made clear; including any added costs like engraving charge, delivery charges and VAT are all included.


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