Grand Sayawan sa Tanglawan at SM City San Jose Del Monte

SAN JOSE DEL MONTE – Graceful dance moves, wondrous routines, colorful costumes, and unending cheers made the Sayawan Sa Tanglawan a success beyond expectation in the grandest opening of the Tanglawan Festival at SM City San Jose del Monte.

The Sayawan Sa Tanglawan is an interpretative street dance competition participated by 26 contestants from different barangays, schools, and organizations in the City of San Jose del Monte.

SAYAWAN SA TANGLAWAN – Interpretative Street dance contestant performance to the patron saint of San Josenos, Saint Joseph the worker.

The grand winner of the competition, which is the First City Providential College Baliktanaw Performing Arts took home 100,000 pesos, runners up took 75,000; 50,000; 30,000; 25,000; and 20,000. The other twenty groups who did not make it also took home 10,000 pesos each as consolation prize.

Aside from the Sayawan sa Tanglawan, there was also a float competition, participated by 10 different sectors in the city. The winner also took home 100,000; runners up took 75,000 and 50,000; non-winners also took 10,000 pesos each as consolation prize.

SAYAWAN SA TANGLAWAN – A group of performers used recycled materials to bring the colorful festival in their performance for the Tanglawan Festival.

An estimated 30,000 San Joseños occupied SM City San Jose del Monte to witness not only the Sayawan but also the performances from special guests – the OPM hitmen, Chad Borja, Renz Verano, Rannie Raymundo, and Richard Reynoso as they started the program with more than an hour of a concert-like performances.

SAYAWAN SA TANGLAWAN – Donned in vibrant costumes, young talents of Bulacan performed traditional festive dance for the Tanglawan Festival in SM City San Jose del Monte.

Mr. and Ms. Tanglawan presentation and press conference was also held at SM City San Jose del Monte before the Sayawan started and while the floats were approaching.

San Joseños were cheerfully shouting “Arya San Joseños!” that means to rise up as the city tag itself as the Rising City in Bulacan.

This year’s celebration is the 17th Cityhood Anniversary of San Jose del Monte and second Tanglawan Festival, wherein Tanglawan symbolizes the light that will guide the San Joseños into a brighter future. Arya San Joseños!


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