Upgrade you Performance Level with a High-Tech Mic

Another product discovery over the weekend, while I was browsing about new products in the market, and I thought I’d share about this rode nt1 to you.

This rode nt1 mic will exceed your expectations. It’s for people who love to sing and those who have a unique voice. This microphone ca handle it wonderfully. You will love that from different angles of singing to the mic you get a different sound and feel too.

It’s a complete package. The bundle provides everything you will need to mount the mic to a mic stand.

After researching and reading user reviews, I have been quite convinced with the Rode NT-1A. It has quite interesting and impressive reviews. Mostly says how good the sound comes out, and that the wind screen and shock mount provided with the bundle will keep you from getting too close to the mic, and eliminated any “p” popping. With other microphones, it sometimes sounded like my voice was muffled. The bundle also comes with a good mic cable and DVD with some tips on mic placement, etc. So, for my music lover friends, i think this one is worth checking out.


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