Finding Out Your Chance of Getting Pregnant is Just a Tap Away

WE are in the time when everything is just a click or tap away.  And unlike the olden days, it is now easier to predict the chance of getting pregnant with man made ovulation calculators.

There are now online fertility calculator and fertility apps, but are they reliable?

With people becoming more and more dependent on technology nowadays, almost everything is available online now either via a website or a phone app that you can readily use. The same goes with fertility. Many online websites now offer fertility applications and calculators – most of them are free to use, to help women pinpoint when their ovulation occurs. Many love to use it because it’s easy and not time-consuming. However, the question is: are they reliable?

Obstetrics and Gynecology resident at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical College Dr. Robert Setton conducted a research on fertility calculators. They put 53 fertility calculators to the test and found out that only four accurately predicted a hypothetical woman’s “precise fertile window.”

This can only mean that fertility apps and calculators can’t be your only tool to track ovulation. Aside from that, these calculators can only help those who are having a regular period and cycle. Those that have irregular cycles cannot rely on fertility calculators at all.

There are other tools one can use when pinpointing ovulation. You may also try an over-the-counter ovulation predictor kit, a basal body thermometer, or observe your body’s cervical mucus. When that resembles the egg white, there’s a great possibility that you are ovulating, and it’s you best chance to get pregnant.


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