Wanna Learn to Play the Piano? First Pick Up Your Phone

When there’s that urge inside you telling you, you can learn to play a certain musical instrument, but feels a little awkward to buy one, thinking, what if you’re just wasting your money? Haha. 

And there you are, inside a musical instrument store plucking out a few bars of “Chopsticks” on a piano, or strumming a few chords on a guitar. But just can’t decide yet.

Don’t let your being an inexperienced musician get in the way. I said musician, because I believe there is a musician in everyone of us, that we just need to explore inside us, and eventually develop.

We are at the peak of high technology era right now, and there’s no excuse not to learn things. These days everything is just a google away. And there are actually a lot of support app that we can download right now even right on our smartphones and iPADs.

The beat and easiest way to learn an instrument is by using those phone apps free for IOS and android phones to jumpstart you at learning piano, ukulele or guitar.

Tiny Piano, Simply Piano or Real Guitar Free These apps teaches you the basics in playing techniques and musical notation by presenting a challenge while you listen and try to play in real life.

The keys in the piano sessions, for example, lights up when you hit the correct keys; with the guitar, the strings also lights up.

The safest way is to go for these apps first, try to feel it, until when you are finally ready. And when you are, check out the fine collections of musival instruments at wwbw instruments store and you will most definitely find what you want.


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