One-on-one Interview with My 3 Year Old

I decided to play this casual interview game with my daughter, Hunter; and was quite happy with the outcome, not only because it was kind of consitent with what I expected her to answer, most of all she quipped from the heart, it may be her impusive answers but it sure made a much sense to me and even gave me a few learning points to ponder on. Here it is:

Q: What is something I say a lot?

A: Clean up

Q: What makes mommy happy?

A: Clean

Q: What makes me sad?

A: Dirty

Q: How tall am I?

A: Very tall

Q: What’s my favorite thing to do?

A: Work

Q: What’s my favorite food?

A: Skyflakes

Q: What’s my favorite drink?

A: Coffee

Q: If I could go anywhere, where would it be?

A: Work

(I asked again)

Q: If I could go anywhere, where would I be?

A: Buying milk

Q: Do yo think you could live without me?


(I asked the same questions 3 times her answer is the same)

Q: How do I annoy you?


(I think that’s in relation to asking 3 x)

Q: What is my favorite TV show?

A: Lion King Theatre Play (this is hers not mine lol)

Q: What is my favorite music to listen to? 

A: Lion King and Katy Perry (still hers)

Q: What is my job?


(I asked twice, same answer)

Q: How old am I?

A: 5

Q: What’s my favorite color?

A: (she looks at my black shirt and says..)Black 

Q: How much do you love me?

A: 60 dollars
Hahaha atleast her love for me is x 49.5 in Filipino currency . 

I love my Cassey Hunter. Never occured to me how she’s been paying attention to what I do, but seems like she knows me a bit too well. She is very observant and i am surprised that she notices most of the things i usually do. 

If there’s something I learned about this interview, it’s that I should probably take it easy with my work-at-home tasks and focus a little bit more on her, because she seem to be noticing that all I do is work, despite us being together all the time. 

Interview done today, March 5, 2017


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