Singapore’s Best Kept Secret: Don’t Tell Mama!

So, it’s no SECRET afterall…

The Singapore Bar scene has been abuzz, and as a matter of fact never been the same with the sudden rising of this Korean-Mexican Fusion Bar called “Don’t Tell Mama (or DTMM for short).”

DTMM is a casual and hip bar and chill-out place situated along Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore. It started its operation about a year ago under the same F&B group management called Redzgroup PTE LTD– handling the chains of Chicken Up stores in Singapore.  

 DTMM offers Korean-Mexican Cuisines and some of the most enticing cocktail drinks and liquors ever crafted in the Korean F & B industry. All their food and drinks menu were inspired by diverse style and flavors both from Korea and Mexico and made with love in a playful and industrial looking environment.

Since it started in the later part of 2015, DTMM has introduced a lot of exciting new drinks and complementing food menus that people loved; some of these are the Bulgogi and Kimchi Quesadillas; Veggie and Prawn Burritos; Soft Tacos; Kimchi, Garlic Prawn and Bulgogi Fries; etc.

Kimchi Fries; Soft Tacos; Quesadillas

Since then the management has continually innovated products to introduce to an ever-evolving market.  DTMM introduces it’s newest addition to its must try dishes with this undergrown veggie and tear-jerking bomb we’d all like to call ONION BOMB!

It’s a tangy onion treat made from freshly delivered onions, handcarved with care by our devoted chefs, deepfried until golden crisp and served with yummy sauces… It’s a timeless Korean treat you gotta try real soon! A perfect beermatch or betteryet pair with their best-selling favorite margarita.

At DTMM, guests are treated to an inviting experience. Every guest is encouraged to let their hair down, enjoy the company of friends while savoring good food and drinks, listening to great music, playing exciting games or simply relaxing in a cozy ambiance.

Aside from its well-loved cocktails such as its famous signature drinks: the Beergarita and Sojurita and the Light Bulb Coolers; it offers distinct promos that will truly captivate the ‘smart drinkers’ in you.

In Photo, Right: Upturned Beer or Soju on Your choice of Frozen Margarita. Left: Spicy Melon (Watermelon, Tequila, Chili & Soju); Apple Jalapeno (Apple, Tequila & Soju); Costarita (Blueberry Tequila) & Mangorita (Mango Tequila)

Korean Soju
Light Bulb Coolers (comes in Soda, Juice, Smoothie, Cocktails)
Beergarita & Sojurita
DTMM offers a Liquid Buffet promo from 6-9pm daily except Sundays; and it comprises of a choice of bottomless frozen margarita or Hite beer; with free flow nachos and cheese. This promo is priced at $30++ for girls and $40++ for boys, with $10 surcharge on Fridays. However, this promo is temporary on hold this Holiday Season, but will be back in 2017, so watch out for it.

DTMM also celebrates Women on Wednesdays with a Ladies Night wherein all the ladies in the house are treated to a free flow Margarita from 7-10pm. And here’s a PLUS! Take a selfie with your margarita and share it on social media and you get another beergarita! Wow, aside that what I just said rhymes, don’t you think this promo sounds soooo cool??? 

DTMM’s food, drinks and nightlife will surely delight you in a way any guilt pleasure will… and truly, it’s no secret anymore, just… Don’t Tell Mama!

Don’t Tell Mama is located at 52 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore.

Like their Facebook page here. Or follow them on Instagram here.


10 thoughts on “Singapore’s Best Kept Secret: Don’t Tell Mama!

  1. Wow! This is quite cool! The upturned beer are very catchy. That seems to be the highlight of the crowd. I love the interior of the place. Feels like it is so much fun in there. The name was very unique..i wonder who’s mama.. lol! Im not really a party person but if its like this and the food was that great i would love to hangout there! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. “Don’t Tell Mama” is that idiomatic expression pertaining to something as being soo good, that it makes it bad or in a way sinful… I guess the resto’s overall F&B experience speaks about that. And yes, the LIQUID BUFFET is the reason why they’re always on full house, and reservation is needed.


  2. the upturn beer/soju drinks looks so interesting and totally instagram-worthy! so tempted to visit right now! and the kimchi fries/bulgogi fries actually sounds and looks quite similar to the ones from chicken up, which was amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Like I mentioned, beergarita and sojurita are their best sellers! and each serving is good for sharing, and best part is unlike other restos, they do allow sharing! Food is all so unique because of the fusion of two savory cuisines- mexican and korean.


  3. Sounds PERFECT for when I head to Singapore with my husband this February, woohoo! Definitely hitting this up with some of my girlfriends while I am there. I have to say, I could sure use this right now, tonight, during this most stressful week, so thanks for taking great pics of the place. Can’t wait to try it out soon!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh thank you so much! Be sure to visit their website or facebook page, which links are found at the bottom part of this post, to keep you posted on promos, especially if you’re coming to Singapore on Valentine month, i’m pretty sure they will have a lot in
      store for their customers.


  4. Cheers! Have you been to the little piano bar in NYC of the same name? It’s a favorite for the theatre folks and is more on the edgy, hole-in-the-wall-ish nature. It’s a fun place, but so distinctly different from this. This seems to be a riot, too. #liquidbuffet is genius! Haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Last time I was there, I tried looking for that place but wasn’t very lucky… i know it’s no excuse not to find it in this everythin-wazeable-era, but, i don’t know, maybe i’ll blame it again to the stroller that i was pushin all along while in manhattan… by the way, i heard they carry the best korean wines as well… might wanna put ’em in your must try list too..


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