“I Speak Softly But I Carry a Big Stick”

On #defensive devices #aspbatons: I used to ask myself what a security officer carrying nothing but an asp baton or a night stick can do to protect anyone from its attacker.

But I guess, officers will not utilize these if they felt they are risking their lives or if they felt these are useless weapons. Truth is, these sticks are actually good self-defense weapons. According to my lady guard cousin Jing, they  use these batons to control harmless civilians. Aside from that, these sticks are being used to block or defend themselves from their possible attackers. Sometimes she uses her baton to scare away stray dogs.

After being convinced by my cousin, I learned that these batons are not only meant for police and security officers, but for anyone who wish to protect themselves, especially for women’s self-defense purposes.

There’s the expandable types of batons that are easiest to conceal and are actually adjustable to any desired length. Come to think of it, these batons can really come in handy, I can just put it under my car seat and use it when a need arise.. hopefully not. Well, but, putting in consideration my daughter’s overall safety, I think I just might start carrying this stick.


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