5 Kitchen Organizing Hacks Every Mommy Should Learn

I have always fantasized about a beautiful, neatly organized kitchen of my own. I have always loved to cook. And every member of my family as well as some of my closest friends love everything that has something to do with food, eating, cooking, baking and food preparations, that’s why whenever we have a gathering at home, it is the kitchen and not the living room that becomes the center of attraction.

For me, it doesn’t matter if your kitchen is big or small; as long as it has this one ideal feature that I guess is pretty much within anybody’s reach… An organized pantry.

The key is making the most out of the space you have, and it does require creativity and resourcefulness.

Coordinate. I’m talking about color, size, and even texture coordination. If you are using jars to store flour, rice, pasta and cereals, use coordinated sizes and colors with the same textures (go all ceramic for example, or use 3 big ceramic jars and 3 small glass jars) to make it look much more organized, and don’t forget to put some labels on it.

Hang Don’t Stack. Apparently, stacking cooking pans and pots are a thing if the past, the ‘IN’ way to do it is hanging then in one side of your pantry in a coordinated manner.

Accessorize. Again this doesn’t have to be expensive, if you’re looking to enhance the features of your kitchen, you can turn an ordinary basket into a useful fruit container and decorative item at the same time regardless if it’s the wire type or the woven type.

Innovate. Use a chalkboard for your to-dos, menu, to buy list. And while you’re at it, why nit make it look more creative by using color chalks when writing, a plus point when you know calligraphy.


Maximize. Maximize every space you have that you think is not being used to its full potential by using pantry organizers, ovis drawer slides or other space-saving solutions. These organizers definitely will help save space and increase the visibility of your pantry shelves, and the overall neatness of your kitchen. 



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