Things you Need to Know When Traveling with a Musical Instrument

Me and my lo will be going on a trip soon and I thought I didn’t want to miss out on the ukulele lessons we are currently having. ‘We’ because I am the one personally teaching my daughter to learn the uke. At her very young age (of 2) I have seen her interest in music and although I myself may not be a ‘pro’ at it, at least I can proudly say I am a ‘pro’ at encouraging her to learn every form of art she can.
I didn’t want any hassle in our travel so I went on researching and asking around about travel policies concerning instruments, and actually learned a lot from the man who knows best when it comes to aircrafts, daddy K!

These are what I learned from daddy K who actually works for an airline company.

About the same month last year, the Department of Transportation (DOT) adopted a regulation concerning the carriage of musical instruments in public transportations particularly by air.

Generally, small musical instruments like ukuleles and violins can be brought as a carry-on baggage item when one boards and the instrument can be stowed safely in the overhead compartments where the passenger is seated.

One factor to consider, however, is that smaller, regional aircraft can have limited overhead compartments, so before flying, it is recommended that the passenger get in touch with the airline to discuss the instrument travel plans.

The regulation states that checked instruments must meet certain requirements, including being packed in a hard-shell case.

Of course it goes without saying, be sure to invest in the right case for your instrument, whether you plan to carry it on or check it as cargo.

You can choose from a wide variety of cases, coverings and other travel accessories you can get online for your instruments, check it out.

An important reminder from the airport authorities, however, that the weight of the instrument, including the case or covering, should not exceed 165 pounds or the applicable weight restrictions for the aircraft.

Upright basses and guitars are not be accepted as cabin-seat baggage.

In such case, a passenger may purchase another ticket for a musical instrument which is too fragile or bulky to be handled as checked baggage.

To know more of these policies click here.


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