Holiday Left-Over Quick & Easy Fix

There’s a thin line between enjoying and enduring when it comes to “getting rid” of your holiday leftovers, especially when you are already on day 10 of the new year.

I swear we have already been overly generous in giving out food to neighbors, but for some reasons, there are still plenty of holiday food in the ref. Definitely not a problem.

On the bright side it means WE ARE OBVIOUSLY BLESSED the only downside I could think of is the extra (large) pounds I am getting because of all these (un)necessary indulgence.

Some of the blessings I got as well from last year were actually cooking ingredients and spices which is just perfect especially for moms like me who simply love to cook (and eat). I will be mentioning the brand names of those ingredients, as a way of saying thank you.

Below are a the recipes that I came up with to solve our leftover dilemmalicious!

Fantastic na Wa-la-Steak!

It’s a steak cooked a la lengua, using leftover chunks of steak, some mushrooms and creams. Easy as A-B-C.

1/2 cup Cream of Mushroom
1/2 cup Evaporated Milk
1 small can of Jolly Sliced Mushroom
A few cloves if garlic
1/8 butter
A dash of basil or tarragon
A chunk of leftover steak sliced thinly
A dash of spice


1. Saute garlic on canola oil

2. Add the Jolly Sliced Mushroom

3. Add the steak

4. Put cream of mushroom, evap and butter.

5. Add spice


Voila! anothr delicious steak recipe, lengua style!





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