Introducing Guitars to Children

Guitar Lessons for Children require a slightly different approach as compared to instructing older people because kids are less likely to accept the notion that they have to practice technical elements of guitar playing for their own sake or for some reward (a better technique) at some indeterminate point in the future.

Kids these days, “if it ain’t fun, they’re not doing it!” and the teacher who does not take this simple fact seriously when giving guitar lessons to children will simply have a hard time.
Helping kids to learn the “right” guitar chords and getting them used to changing between them in proper timing is the basic challenge.
The bonus part is when they are already as eager to learn the skill from the beginning.
With children, it is often a good idea to resist the temptation to teach them loads of chords. Instead a much more effective technique is to teach them a few guitar chords that will allow them to play a couple of songs.
Guitar ‘Must Know’ for Advanced Learners

Okay, so, given that you know how to play the guitar, but still wondering why you don’t get the right output whenever you play. In most cases, it’s probably you (and your lack of practice), sometimes there are otger factors.
How does your favorite guitar player gets his unique sound (aside from plain skill and a nice quality guitar?) By using the right guitar tools and accessories.
Discover what kind of guitar amplifiers, strings, picks and effects the guitarists use.
They say to make your guitar sound better obviously requires more than the right guitar sometimes, it needs boosting up, that only an amplifier can do. That being said, certain guitar amps do help achieve a sound that has a jazzy flavor to it. In this post I give you the do’s and don’t in buying an accessories for your guitar, particularly, amplifiers.
Check this link out for quality amplifiers. 

Guitar Amplifier

Choosing the right amplifier

Ask yourself, what kind of amp are you looking for? Some guitar amps are more suitable to produce a darker tone, other amplifiers are more suitable to produce brighter tones. Some amps can do both.
Are you going for a separate amp head and speaker cabinet or for a combo? Separate amp and speaker look and sound great, but combos are easier to transport.
Are you a control freak? If you like to tweak and shape your sound, a control panel with a lot of knobs is what you want. If you don’t like fiddling knobs, look for a simple control panel.
Is it Portable? If you do a lot of gigs, then weight and size become an issue.
Check the volume levels. Does your amp sound good at low volumes? This is important if you intend to use your amplifier for intimate gigs or as a practice amp.
More on guitar tools and accessories on my next post..


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