Rainy Day Treat

A gloomy weather can sometimes ruin even the cheeriest moods. I’m not sure if it’s just me, or do we all get that boredom blues and sudden urge to go outside as soon as it starts raining? In my case, that sudden desperation to go camping? hehehe!

One of the best ways to keep our minds preoccupied during such days is to try making some comfort food or anything that you’ve been wanting to cook. You can check your pantry for available ingredients, and take it from there.

I found the perfect rainy day treat that my daughter would love… 

A hot chocolate made the old-fashioned way is perfect to match with a yummy gooey pretzel s’mores (just because i don’t have graham crackers). 

Pretzel S’mores


S’mores with a (Pretzel) Twist!

mini- marshmallows 

chocolate (buttons or bars)


I used mini-marshmallows because it’s the more manageable size.     

Put 3 marshmallows on your pretzel, add 2 chocolate buttons (I used goya milk chocolate) and then bake in your oven toaster for about 10 seconds. The marshmallows easily roast up so do not walk away – mine took less than ten seconds. Pull them out right away, put the second pretzel on top but be very cautious since it is still too hot it could burn your skin. 


Gimme some s’mores!
I have a little trivia for you. Did you know that S’mores is an abbreviation for ‘some more’ which some girls scouts from the 1920’s used to chant around the campfire?

Hot Chocolea


hot chocolatey in my olaf mug
a cup of water

3 pcs coco tablea

fresh milk



Bring the water to a boil. Add tablea and start mixing with a wooden spoon until it is completely dissolved. 

Add 1/4 cup fresh milk (depending on your desired creaminess).

Pour your hot choco in a cup or mug and add a tablespoon of sugar (again, depending on your desired level of sweetness)

Add marshmallows and Voila! You got yourself a chocolate treat!

So who needs to go out camping if you can have this right at the comfort of your own bedroom? Drizzle all you want! #jnv


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