A Visit to the Historic Barasoain Church  

In my hometown, Malolos, Bulacan, you will find one of the oldest of all church in the country and the most historic at that, the Barasoain Church. 

Dabbed as “the Cradle of Democracy in the East” history says this church was built in 1630 and was known to be the temporary residence of the then President of the Republic, General Emilio Aguinaldo.

This was where the inauguration of the First Philippine Republic was held. The Church was also famous for its architectural design and internal adornments wherein some were preserved, maintained and regularly restored up to the present time. The Church is also known as Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish to locals.

According to Malolenos, Barasoain was coined from the term “Baras ng Suwail” which means “dungeon of the defiant” because the Church used to be a meeting place for anti-Spanish and anti-colonial illustRados.

Below, are snapshots from my visit to Barasoain Church a day prior to Independence Day 2015.



Happy Independence Day, everyone! #jnv 


25 thoughts on “A Visit to the Historic Barasoain Church  

    1. Thank you, Kero. Happy long weekend to you too. Do let me know if you wanted to visit. I enjoy taking people around to see the beauty and simplicity of my hometown.


  1. Belated happy Independence Day! 🙂 I love these old churches, though admittedly I’ve never been to the Barasoaian Church. They just have so much history and culture in them that it makes me feel like I’m being transported back to the past 🙂

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  2. I remember telling myself when I was still in grade school and studying Philippine History that I’ll visit those historical places when I’m already a grown up but so far, I’ve only been to a few. Nadivert na yung interest ko sa beaches pagdating sa mga travel travel. Ngayon bumabalik na ulit interest ko, I’ll start off with Vigan, and Barasoain church is also on my list.

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  3. I really wish the government will do a better job on preserving historical places like this. I remember going to Barasoain a few times when I was younger, since my father’s side of the family lives nearby. I hope my daughter can still see this at its best condition

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