Kids on Basic Sketching

Basic Sketching Workshop
A Basic Sketching Workshop conducted by Manila Workshops, Memory Crafters and Young Advocates was recently concluded. It was short but nonetheless a fun experience for the young participants. Children in the age group of, as young as four (4) to eighteen (18) years took part in this event that was held at Mothercare Podium Branch . The workshop was a learning experience as kids got to know the different aspects and techniques of sketching, and even got to try out pastel color-rendering.
Basic Sketching
basic sketching
basic Sketching
For three hours, the children actively participated and were able to easily follow the basic lessons taught on sketching. At the end of the workshop, Stabilo gave out four gift packs to the best rendered works.
Young Advocates hold such workshops to children and the idea is to bring to fore and hone the hidden talents of these kids. The more exposures that children get, the more expressive they become. It is also a way to teaching them art appreciation and enourages them to interact with other children.
Basic Sketching Workshop
This workshop was the second leg of the series of arts and craft workshops conducted in collaboration by Manila Workshop, Memory Crafters and Young Advocates. Our acknowledgement and great appreciation to Mothercare Philippines, for being our venue sponsor and Stabilo for providing the materials for the workshop. And thank you to the parents of the participants for being very supportive to their children in honing their skills. Until Next time! #jnv

Second timer and the youngest workshop participant, Marco Garcia, with his sister. Credits to Mommy Bernice for this photo.
Teacher Jennie & Kinney with second timer and the youngest workshop participant, Marco Garcia, and his sister, Martina. Credits to Mommy Bernice for this photo.


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