Viber Joins the Video Calling Party

Viber takes it up to a new level, joining video call pioneers- Facetime and Skype. While video calling has been available on the desktop version of Viber for some time, the mobile app had previously been limited to voice, text and photo messages.

With Viber now featuring video calls on its mobile app, everyone in the world can now connect even better than just voice calls… and it’s for free! More than 400 million Viber users text, call, and send photo and video messages worldwide over WiFi or 3G without charge. The mobile update – Viber 5.0 – will enable video calling on the Android and iOS versions of Viber, as well as on updated Windows and OS X versions of the app.

Viber is a free downloadable application from iTunes. Voice and video calls between Viber users are free, and if you wonder how in the world do they make money out of it? Reports say the company makes its money by selling stickers and offering low-cost outgoing calls worldwide. #jnv


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