Mommified and Loving It

jennifer villanueva
Before I was Supermom, it took me the average of 15 minutes to get ready to leave the house for work. From grooming, to having breakfast, getting my stuff ready, wearing my pair of kikay heels and then actually stepping out of the house.

As i get ready to drive off, I start putting on a light make-up while warming-up my car– practically where the continuation of my grooming (like plucking of eyebrows) takes place.

For one, I prefer that I do my make-up where there is natural lights, to achieve the balance of hues that I want on my face. Ofcourse I never forget to accessorize, whatever attire I am on for that day, I always match it with either one or all of the following: my watch, a scarf, a fancy bracelet with a matching ring, or sometimes just a danggling earring (which I made myself), if I wasn’t wearing my basic set of jewelries.

Back then when I was in Sales, it was extremely important that I face the world with an entire face of make-up and my wash-and-wear always maintained long hair. It’s an important factor for me to achieve a no fuss, always on the go look, because that was what I always was back then.

I distinctly remember looking at some of the moms, and i mean ‘just some’ in my field thinking how they looked like they had given up their individualities–that they just weren’t putting any effort into their appearance anymore. I remember noticing their pale faces and messy ponytails, their casual clothes and flat boring shoes and promising myself that I would always take the time to put on make-up and wear pretty dresses and kikay shoes before leaving the house, no matter what.

I was so convinced in my personal belief that you should always, always make an effort to look your best, because as my dad always used to tell us, and he still does, it says something about how you regard yourself and the people around you. That looking presentable is not only a sign of respect and consideration to people, more importantly it is a sign of respect and consideration to yourself, because in a way, you are selling your image to the world.

And then I became a mom. Boom!

I sometimes come to a point now that I would rather not leave the house. Because leaving the house for even just a few hours means putting up a production number of some sort. Without exaggeration, I would sometimes start prepping-up a night before I plan to go for a day trip at my sister’s, otherwise, I would end up forgetting something. And when you have a baby, forgetting is a mortal sin. I have very high expectations on myself being a mom, there is just no room for mistakes. Perhaps that is partly my reason as well for not hiring a nanny for my baby. Blaming other people for a mistake is not just stressful it’s a waste of time.

It’s been a year now, and I am getting used to the daily challenges of it. There were a lot of changes, and i mean A LOT!

First and foremost, I always take my baby with me, so, so much for being singular.. I am now WE! And it follows that when ‘WE’ have errands for the day, we have to get ready 2 to 3 hours on the average before we can actually step out of the house.

And its not even about me putting together all my basic necessities as a woman.

You know what they say ‘never thought something so small can come with too many excess baggage.’ I remember how I used to wear different bags per occasion, but now I just bring a little purse with my wallet and phone, all my cards and keys and tuck it in one of her baby bags.

I have come to embrace this reality, that I am now fully responsible of another life.. a very beautiful, precious and fragile one at that. And if it calls to turn my life around, then by all means… go!

Goodbye to my individuality for now, because this is a job for Supermom!

Forget the make-up (which may just smudge and not get retouched), those nice heels (which adds pressure to tired leg muscles when carrying a baby), branded bags(which may just end up with the same fate as the blouse when baby pukes), fancy bling-blings(which baby may just pull anyway), forget those regular visits to the parlor (which usually takes a minimum of an hour, in mommy-baby time it’s like forever)to get hair treatment or get the finger and toe nails done..

I am now officially what I used to see in those mothers… SELFLESS!

And I wouldn’t want it any other way. #jnv


16 thoughts on “Mommified and Loving It

  1. I know how it feels. I used to dress up when I was still single. When i became a mom, my usual getup includes shirt, shorts and flats. Still, I really think that we shouldn’t forget to take care and pamper ourselves even if we’re moms. It’s really a must! 🙂

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  2. I can relate. May I add? The 5-minute shower is now a luxury, haha! I used to take a bath for 30 minutes to an hour… We should not forget though, we can still be great moms without losing ourselves in the process. 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

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  3. I have two toddlers (imagine the chaos ha! LOL) and I run errands with BOTH of them tagging along. I don’t mind looking haggard most of the time I’m with them. Kids will be kids eh! After three years of being nanny-less though, we finally hired a nanny for days when I need to do something outside of the home for our business. Most of the time, though, ako pa rin nag-aalaga sa kanila.

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    1. oh my! such a heroic deed 🙂 i feel you mommy kim… you will never undrstand what a hands-on mom is going through unless you are one:) cheers to being a great mom!


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