Black Burger Anyone?

You got it right.. a black burger— not a burnt burger — but a real black-colored burger. Now being sold in Japan by fast-food giant Burger King.

Introduced as the ‘Kuro Burger,’ it composes of a black bun, meat with black pepper, and black cheese. The bread and cheese contain bamboo charcoal, popular in Japanese cuisine.

The burger also comes with an onion-and-garlic sauce made dark with squid ink.

Burger King is offering Japanese customers two varieties of the Kuro — the Pearl and the Diamond. The Kuro Pearl is filled with basic ingredients (listed above); the Kuro Diamond is spruced up with lettuce, tomatoes, and onions, which add a little color to the black burger.

Burger King’s Kuro Pearl and Kuro Diamond are available only in Japan, for a limited time.


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