Apple to Tie Up with AmEx, Visa and Master Card for iPhone 6 Wallet


Here comes the BER-months! The shopping season is now upon us Pinoys, and for many that means the familiar swipe of your credit card or debit card. As the install base of smartphones has continued to grow in recent years, there has been much talk of mobile payments that utilize your smartphone and other technologies.

If speculation about partnerships between Apple and a trio of well known credit card companies is true, your next Apple iPhone will double as a wallet.

On Sunday, rumors started spreading that Apple was going to announce partnerships between itself and American Express, Visa and MasterCard.

Reports say that a feature that might make the iPhone a useful mobile wallet is the Touch ID fingerprint scanner. Touch ID could be used to verify the owner’s identity while making a payment using the handset.

The partnerships are expected to be announced this coming September 9 during the launch of the Apple iPhone 6, said an anonymous source who wished to remain unknown due to privacy issues. Until then, this news story is only mere speculation. #jnv


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