Mamma Mia: A Movie Review

Oh, my… Mamma Mia!… Loved this film. Its story plot is very typical yet it perfectly captures the joy of the free-lovin 70’s and the gorgeous Greek Isle’s that became the symbol of a generation devoted to freedom, beauty and love.  It’s the ultimate “feel-good” movie that I have ever seen so far.

And why not? BBC reported this movie musical masterpiece has indeed become the biggest British movie ever after surpassing previous record-holder Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone. It has also gone on to become Universal Pictures’ most profitable project ever.

Top that. I found myself smiling throughout the entire film, and even wiping away a tear or two as Donna (played by Meryl Streep) conveys through her songs the deepest, unexpressed sentiments of her sweet but painful past.

Corny? It’s easy to hate a movie if you’re not into it. But for me, Mamma Mia! fits this genre just right. If you’re not an ABBA fan, perhaps, then you really won’t have 
much reason to watch it, unless you’re a Meryl Streep fanatic or you happen to like musicals as well. I have never really been a “die hard Abba fan”, but I sure did grow up with their songs. The film was brilliant! Such a wonderful tribute to the group giving their classic songs another great mark in the entertainment history. Bottom-line is, Mamma Mia is a great watch!

No question about it, Meryl Streep is the real star in this film. She is such a delight! Just when I thought she has already given her all in her past award-winning films, there she goes now singing and dancing like there’s no tomorrow. A little over-acting at some scenes, if I may say, but really… cute, I adored her even more. Such a wonderfully spontaneous comedian, great singer and serious actress, considering that she’s already on her 60’s… no body from Hollywood could have done the role better than Streep. She deserves another Oscar for this! Pierce Brosnan, meanwhile, is at his funniest and most un-Bondish act. Bless him, but the man cannot sing. It’s not that he can’t hold a tune, exactly, more of that you can really see him trying hard to sing. But he and Colin Firth were really such hunks. I now have the funny memory of them in Elvis’ sparkly spandex. The very young Amanda Seyfried, meanwhile who played Sophie is beautiful to look at, a good singer who fits her part extremely well.

Needless to say, I could have not enjoyed it as much as I did seeing it on film perhaps rather than on theatre, two “S” distinguished it from the stage… the perfect “setting” of the movie and “Streep” being on it. Investing a cliff-top rendition of The Winner Takes It All with far more solemnity than should be possible for such song, set on the captivating backdrop of the blue seas of Greece… such uplifting, a little tear-jerking but sure-fire stirring movie experience! It simply takes it all!


3 thoughts on “Mamma Mia: A Movie Review

  1. i have seen the film too. it is just lovely. i have never enjoyed a musical the way i enjoyed mama mia. you are right, merryl streep is very good actress, very versatile in her acting. i can’t believe she can sing that very well. and you are right, james bond cannot sing a note. i am a big fan of james bond, until i saw him sing. LOL. greece is very nice place to go on vacation with your loved one, it is very romantic setting. i love the film i will watch it all over and over again. thank you. sorry for my english is not good.


  2. jen, after reading your review, i might watch this film during the weekend.. i actually have a dvd (Angge bought it last summer) at home but i was too lazy to play it thinking that this was just another “musical” movie… oh by the way, i also enjoyed reading your other posts. hehe =)


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